Certificate In Accounting ( ELEC Training Center )

Being a comprehensive program, Certificate in Book-keeping and Accounts program covers a wide range of topics. Bellow you can see the list of some topics that students could expect to study:

Level 1

• The balance sheet
• The ledger: its subdivision
• Recording transactions through double entry
• Purchases/sales/returns
• Trial balance
• Depreciation of fixed assets

Level 2 • Partnerships
• Limited liability companies
• Calculation and interpretation of ratios
• Control accounts
• Suspense accounts
• Manufacturing accounts
Level 3 • Valuation of stocks
• Accounting for groups of companies
• Cash flow statements
• Budgetary control
• Concepts and accounting
• Framework
Level 4 Internship

At the end of the course you are supposed to:

  • Be able to prepare and interpret financial statements.
  • Analyze financial ratios.
  • Make and maintain financial records and prepare accounts.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the syllabus topic at the appropriate level.