Certificate In Practical ICT Skills ( ELEC Training Center )

This one-year program consists of 3 trimesters of theoretical training and a trimester of internship. This suit of qualification is designed for candidates who want to develop and progress their computer and software skills. If you are in pursuit of a career in the field of business administration or secretarial roles, this qualification is suitable for you.

Target candidates are those who wish to:

  • Develop practical ICT skills and apply them in a modern business context
  • Progress a career and need appropriate ICT skills to support that career
  • Return to work and need to update their ICT skills

The Aim of this program is to develop your understanding and practical ability across the key areas of:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Databases
  • Presentation Software
  • Email, Internet and IT Security

At the end of the course you are supposed to:

  • Develop the ability to demonstrate competency in IT Applications
  • Boosts your understanding and practical ability across key level areas of software application
  • Apply practical skills in a modern business context


Syllabus Topics: 

Each key area which is covered in the Practical ICT Program consists of various topics presented bellow:

Word Processing
  • File handling
  • Enter and edit text
  • Format text and documents
  • Combine information
  • Work with tables
  • Check text
Spread Sheets
  • File handing
  • Enter and edit data
  • Format a Spreadsheet
  • Functions and formulae
  • Analysis of data
  • Present complex data
  • Check a spreadsheet
  • Combine information
  • File handling
  • Database design, data entry and data base modification
  • Data queries and sorting
  • Database reports
  • Formatting data
  • Checking data
  • File handling and printing
  • Enter information
  • Format slides
  • Checking presentations
Email, Internet and IT Security
  • Using email
  • Using the internet
  • Protecting IT
  • Laws and guidelines