Course Description

Demonstrable ability in various aspects of Business Administration is crucial to the efficiency and thus long term future of any company. ELEC Business Qualifications are relevant and practical for the modern workplace and enable both companies and individuals to assess and hone their abilities and efficiencies in these key fields.

If you want to promote your understanding of routine administration, procedures and standards as well as establishing levels of competency in the use of office equipment, business services and supplies, you need to choose this program.

Brief Information on the program:

Brief Information on the program:

Syllabus Topics: 
In this program, each level covers different topics as illustrated bellow:

Level 1
  • Office organization
  • Documentation
  • Materials and stationery
  • Storage and retrieval of information
  • Office machinery
  • Internal and external communication
  • Services provided by outside agencies
Level 2
  • The office
  • Equipment, materials, services and supplies
  • Work environment and controls
  • Procedures and information
  • Communication, personal effectiveness and supporting others
Level 3
  • Equipment, materials, services and supplies
  • Work environment and controls
  • Procedures, information and communication
  • Organization and personal effectiveness
  • Business meetings, events and travel
Level 4
  • Internship


Class Schedule

Flexible schedule provides two options of Morning or Afternoon classes

Morning Afternoon
10:00- 13:15 14:00- 17:15

At The End Of The Course You Are Supposed To

  • Demonstrate the need for effective work practices, administration systems and procedures.
  • Show awareness of the importance of accurate and timely information and effective business communication.
  • Identify appropriate suppliers of equipment and services and after sales care.
  • Identify appropriate equipment and services for given situations
  • Plan business meetings, events and travel.

This Program Enables Candidates To

  • Develop a thorough understanding of administrative procedure and systems.
  • Learn about business services and management support.
  • Reach a level of understanding which demonstrates the ability to use initiative and business awareness.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the nature and significance of innovation and change within business and industrial administration.