Course Description

Having an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) certificate has been one of the necessities for students who are willing to study in a foreign university or people who want to migrate to other countries.

Hence, ELEC offers IELTS course. The students who have limited time with an almost good proficiency of English can join a 1-Month IELTS Preparation Course and those who have an average knowledge of English are recommended to attend a 2-month Course which includes IELTS Foundation and Preparation. Our center’s IELTS Preparation Course guarantees students to achieve band 6 out of 9 either in General or Academic IELTS Test; provided that their English proficiency when they join the course is upper-Intermediate (Level 9 and above).

Students who are studying in general English classes can also join IELTS preparation courses provided that they have passed Intermediate level (L10) successfully.

At elec we guarantee your satisfaction. Our excellent method of teaching, qualified teachers, and advanced learning materials ensure student’s best results..

IELTS Preparation Program Highlights

  • Guarantees students’ band 6 in IELTS Test
  • Average class size is 7 to 10 students
  • Classes meet Monday through Friday  (09:00am to 12.15am)

IELTS Registration And Examination Center

  • Register for IELTS exam at our center
  • Do IELTS exam at our Center