Course Description

ELEC provides Korean Language course for Locals & international students. The classes are held on Saturday from 9am to 12:15pm, 3 hours per session.

ELEC provides TOPIK Writing preparation course. The classes are held on Monday from 1pm to 4:15pm OR 4:30pm to 7:45pm. 3 hours per session.      

  • Enhanced systematic study of words and grammar expressions        
  • Analysis of previous TOPIK questions by type and problem solving strategies        
  • Learn Korean sentence structures         
  • Create sentences using various given words         
  • View graphs and write logically        
  • TOPIK writing guide - how to write squared manuscript paper, Korean spelling        
  • Lecturer's correcting students' articles        

ELEC Is Your Best Choice For Learning The Korean Language In Malaysia.        

Days Time Duration
Saturday(Beginner 2) 09:00am - 12:15pm 8 weeks ( 24Hrs)
Monday (TOPIK Writing1) 01:00pm - 04:15pm 8 weeks ( 24Hrs)
Monday (TOPIK Writing2) 04:30pm - 07:45pm 8 weeks ( 24Hrs)
Item Fee
Tuition Fee(24-Hour) MYR 600
Registration MYR 100
Materials & Technology Fee MYR 200
Total MYR 900

TOPIK Writing

  • Every Monday        
  • 3 hours per session        
  • 8 Sessions(2 month)

Course Highlights

Korean Language Course        

  • Every Saturday        
  • 3 hours per session        
  • 8 Sessions(2 month)