Welcome To ELEC Language Centre

Learning is an ongoing, transformative process. At ELEC, Junior, we provide a conducive learning environment, which aims to nurture children’s intellectual, physical, social emotional and creative development. We believe in promoting children’s curiosity, increasing their confidence in using English and bringing out the best in them.

There are 6 levels of personal development for junior students ranging from the age of 5 till 10 years old. Each level focuses on developing the students’ communication skills and enhancing their ability to communicate clearly in English with the world around them. It takes about 8 weeks to finish each level.

Course Description

The Junior English Program is designed to develop the learning of the English Language efficiently and effectively. It does this by using the proven communicative approach to language learning, making lessons lively and highly interactive with a wide range of activities that include class work, home work, role play, class simulation, experiments, numeracy exposure and daily evaluation. These activities are geared to challenge the ability of students while allowing them to have fun while improving their English.

Grammar and Listening Practice

This class incorporates phonics, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar to give students chances to practice language in targeted situations. Students are trained to target accuracy through application of rules in activity-based situations.

Reading and Writing

This class teaches students the important reading skills needed for reading comprehension. Lots of vocabulary will be introduced and students will be introduced to social writing like writing a simple paragraph for a bulletin board, writing an email and academic writing. Project work will be done in this class too.

Conversation (Communication)

This class incorporates listening and speaking comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, culture and other communication skills to help improve the fluency in the English Language. Students are given ample opportunities to practice and consolidate through class simulation, role-plays, experiments and little presentation.

Course Features

Ages 5 to 10
Program Junior English Program
Duration 4 weeks
Available levels Junior 1, 2,  3, 4,  5 and 6
Hours per week 23 hours
Day Monday to Friday (Friday is until 12.15pm)
Maximum Class Size 6 – 8 students
Books Hopscotch series
Placement Test ELEC Placement Test for Junior. Interview with teachers.


Certificate of Attendance and Progress Reports will be issued at the end of the course.


No formal evaluation for Junior 1 – 3 but teachers will monitor the progress on a daily basis.
Junior 4 – 6 – formal evaluation