Student Visa

ELEC will support issuing a student visa for international candidates. Our service consists of documentation and dealing with the Malaysian Immigration Authorities.

Entry Visa Information

When we receive the student visa approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department (at least 6 weeks after submission of the application), we will send the Approval Letter to you to get a single Entry Visa from the nearest Malaysian Embassy

Airport Pick-up Arrangement

After your single entry visa is issued, please inform us of your travel arrangements at least 7 days before departure. It is important to note that under Malaysian Immigration requirements, a representative from ELEC is required to meet you at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport One (KLIA1) or the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Two (KLIA2) . You should also plan your travel so that you will arrive 7 days before the session begins.


ELEC can offer a wide range of accommodation options to students according to their preference and budget. Students can also stay at ELEC hostel.

Assistance in Opening A Bank Account

Students can easily open an account in Malaysian banks with a confirmation letter from ELEC.

Medical Insurance

ELEC would help all international students to get insurance packages from the best and most reliable insurance companies in Malaysia.

Student Activities

Fun programs of gatherings outside the institute, activities or trips are arranged regularly to entertain you and help you socialize with your schoolmates.